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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Niki-Pixie Dust

 This is only a very quick sketch on the back of a VERY creased letter I received today....: D
Thanx to the postmen...
I started with a doodle and then worked more and more into it until I finally started to like it... haha

It's the character-design for a mysterious little fairy of a story written by a girl who asked me to draw a comic version of it.^-^
I might do it, I kinda like the story and it's not too long either...

It's the very first time I've drawn a fairy btw...ö.ö It was fun.:heart:

I'm gonna do a better version of her soon.: D

Monday, 27 June 2011

KaKAO-cards #1 & #2

I've just painted my very first couple of KaKAO's -  Kartenkunst, Auflagen und Originale - or better ATC's - Artist Trading Cards - I prefer the German name though.:D

They've been around for ages and I always quite enjoyed looking at them but never really knew what they're all about.^-^ I knew that they would be traditional painted images on small sized cards, but I never though they might be THAT small! D:< I mean 2,5 x 3,5 inches is ridiculously tiny!!! It definitely takes much patience and attention to create a nice one and it took me way longer than I would have imagined.... ._."
Anyway, I love the fact that they're created to get exchanged against cards by other artists and I definately want to get a huge collection of them!*-* So I'd better get started now to produce some I can trade at the Connichi in September. I'm really looking forward to it.<3

I found this charming tiny book at Camden Market - which I do love above all other shopping possibilities London has to offer :D - and the format fits the measurements KaKAO cards should have perfectly, so I'm gonna use it to collect some ideas and the cards. I did customise it a bit as well..:)

Monday, 13 June 2011

Broken Twins

I finished the colouring yesterday.:3 Took me quite a long time but I really enjoyed it, especially the hair - and there's loads of it. I love colouring hair.*-*
I cheated and inserted the flower background digitaly since the paper I painted on was way to small and I was afraid of ruining the girls...

Again a gif animation that shows the colouring process.
(and again you have to klick on it to see the animation...still don't know why it doesn't work in here...)

Friday, 10 June 2011

Broken Twins - Sketch

'Una and Fleur are so called 'Broken Twins'. Both are connected to each other and a terrible fate surrounds them. According to the legend the sister who dies first will go to hell - the other one will face a peaceful dead. But the twin has to be murdered by the hand of its sibling. So they both hit the road, hate-ridden, to find and kill each other...'

That's the story written by a lovely girl who asked me to design the cover image for it.
She commissioned me a few weeks ago and I finally managed to get at least the outlines done. I've used the yin and yang symbol as the basis to symbolise how deeply connected both sisters are. Also I tried to illustrate their opposed charakters according to the description by the author.

If you want to see some indermediate steps of the drawing process you have to click on the image below. I don't know why it isn't working in here... .__."

It's the first time I've made a gif animation to show the different steps of the drawing process. 
I think it works quite well.:3

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Summer Journal

Okay, here it is.:3 I've finally managed to create my (very first) own journal.:D
Bookbinding really is quite an exhausting process...I did enjoy it though! But I'm rather looking forward to fill it with loads of inspiring stuff.:3 <3 It's the first journal I ever had, I mean I loved filling my sketchbooks but this is something different - more exciting.:)
It contains about 200 pages of various paper, even some hand-made sheets.

My Lilly

A picture I drew a few month ago actually...It's a beloved character of a beloved story by me to which I couldn't pay much attention during the last....years - unfortunately. u.u"
I'm so looking forward to find some time to carry on with it.:D

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Because all you can see are his shadows - Final outcome

Okay finally I managed to scan the final piece of the last Unit of year one.:3
It really didn't turned out how I wanted it to...:/ Even though I loved the outlines I spoiled them with this way to tiny size of the painting - I just wasn't able to paint it on a bigger sheet within the short time that was left. I'm still way to slow with painting.....x_x"

It's the most personal painting I've done so far I guess...
For everyone who's interested in the idea behind the picture - here are some extracts from the evaluation I had to write about it.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Because all you can see are his shadows - W.I.P.

Some work in process of my final outcome for the narrative portraiture Unit.
I used the golden ratio for the first time intentionally, it's a really interesting thing I knew about since many years but never really considered to actually use it in my art. ._. Don't ask why, it's extremely helpfull for creating aesthetic, dynamic and well balanced paintings/designs.

golden spiral used as the basis for the motif

roughly sketched outlines

more defined outlines

playing around with gimp to create a rough colour scheme

Portrait Lifedrawing II

This feels actually like ages ago... but I really didn't had much time to post during the stress of the last weeks..ahah :,D
Another life drawing session using oil paints again and I still love it.<3 We were allowed to use colours this time - only two different though - that's why he looks like a zombie.:D
Even though I somehow like the black/white painting more this one has much more likeness I guess...:/

And some very quick figure drawings to improve my sense for proportion...It's another guy btw and he had tattoos all over his body what really made him quite hard to draw. Also we were only three people in the room what made the whole thing quite intense....D:

5 minute drawings

30 second drawings