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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Miniature Artworks - ACEO Commissions

 Just why are these amazingly small cards so hugely popular.? I mean they're pretty and easy to collect tiny. ._.
Working on them puts more pressure on me than working on big canvases, but people keep commissioning them so I did the best I could. I slowly start to adapt myself to this format but feels like I have to learn everything all over again.
They're good for experimenting with different colour schemes though, I really like the atmosphere of the top one.

Here's some work in progress for you. :)




Saturday, 8 September 2012

the Short Straw

Here are some more insights into my work on the picture book, which will be called 'The Short Straw'.
These are actually the last pieces I can show you of it, the rest will stay top secret for now.:)
This is how I make storyboards. I doodle a thumbnail sketch of every page on post-its and lay them all next to each other onto a table to see how they work together. Than I make some adaptions and rearrangements and finally stick them in my sketchbook alongside everything else regarding the project.