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Friday, 27 September 2013

Commission: ZODIAC Series - work in progress

Of course I have been continuously  working on my Zodiac series over the summer.
There also is some really good news! - The lady who commissioned them liberally gave me permission to create a Zodiac postcard set.
They will be limited but it's something I wanted to do right from the start so I'm very happy. :3
Bear with me until I got the printing sorted and they'll be ready for you to purchase very shortly.

For now here's some work in progress of all the zodiac signs as I went along.
Hope you like them.


Saturday, 21 September 2013

Little Red - Tattoo


A tattoo commission I finished last week.:)
I was asked to create something that shows a wolf in some way and represents strength.
I hope it does.


Friday, 20 September 2013


Hello guys,

Sorry about not uploading anything during the last months, I sort of needed an online break. But I'm back now. And have been really productive in the meantime. :)

This is a small illustration I did for this wonderful frame I found in a local charity shop last month. The clock is actually working, I'm so in love with it. Still I need to sell it because I'm moving away soon and have to get rid of some stuff.
If someone of you would like this as a decoration for their bedroom or something just leave me a message, otherwise I'll be selling it at next weeks local arts fair. :>

The dimensions of the frame/clock are:  19x37cm

Here are some more photographs:


And some w.i.p. of the illustration:


Take care and thank you for watching,