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Tuesday, 28 February 2012


 Finished my part for an art trade. The characters are not mine, they belong to [Fussel], who asked me to set her Sewi in a steampunk kind of kingdom. I hope this will please her.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Intruders - W.I.P.

Some work in progress of the latest painting I'm working on. It's my part for the very first art trade I ever took part in and the characters don't belong to me! This city really is nerve-racking...but very good practice as well.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

For Kira

Hope you had a lovely birthday dear! ♥

Walk through Space

Finished the final traditional paper-cut animation with the aid of the mister Moon paper doll and this space set-up I made. It took quite a while and more complex timing than I first thought to create a fluent, steady movement without making the eyes dizzy. It's nothing spectacular, but still...he walks through space!c:

 For now I'm done with animation..definitely stick with Illustration. And hey, I got accepted on that Illustration degree course, so I'm gonna be a proper student from September on.c: Really looking forward to it.
Next up - the Final Major Project!♥

Sunday, 12 February 2012

For my beloved ones


So this is a portrait of my little baby sister who grew up way to fast...
For her 19th birthday already, gosh I miss her so much!
Featuring her two super cute bunnies and her pet owl. c:

I tried working in a mixed media/collage style and absolutely enjoyed it!

Actually she's not that dark and her hair isn't that white either (but it is indeed curly, fluffy and voluminous like this!)'s not a realistic portrait anyway and  I simply liked the contrast so I went with it.

This is for my beloved mum, who asked me for a design she could burn into wood, to use it as a name plate. Those cranes represent our whole family and the blank space is for our address. I can't wait to see the finished plate - she's really good at this! And I'm very glad she was so pleased with the design.c:

Friday, 10 February 2012

Meet Mister Moon!

Well this is a test for a paper cut out animation I am working on at the's a fairly small and simple thing not to mention absolutely pointless and full of mistakes. :,D But I am still proud that I actually brought him to life!
Isn't he handsome in his star embroidered suit?

 Oh and I made a flipbook of an owl flying. Gosh I really underestimated the work and time you have to put into this stuff....

Concertina Book

Once upon a time handsome Mr Moon fell in love with beautiful Mrs Sun.
He kept staring at her but she only had eyes for the earth.
Every so often their ways were about to cross...
While Mr Moon was getting closer he got so excited that he would hold his breath, getting bigger and bigger.
But Mrs Sun never noticed him...

But then...after years of waiting, Mr Moon finally got the chance to overshadow the earth and directly face Mrs Sun. 
He was so BIG by then that she simply had to look at him.
And she did.
And constantly fell in love with him.
But before anything could have been said they were driven apart again. 
And it was to take a very long time until they were to be that close to each other again.

Sometimes we can see their tear drops falling from the sky.

 We had a one day workshop where we learned to create and fill a concertina book. This has been a few weeks ago already, when I just finished the Sun and Moon illustration, therefore I stuck to that theme and came up with a proper lovestory for them.
A week after that we had a photoshop workshop where we should create a new piece of work made out of different pieces taken from the book. This is what I came up with. They said it had architectural value...well I've never seen buildings like this.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Who cares about the Mona Lisa anyway...?

I've been to that Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition in London last week...♥

Cos the tickets available in advance are sold out since the beginning of December we came nice and early and well-prepared for queueing, to hopefully get our hands on two of those 500 tickets they hand out daily.
We arrived around 6ish and there were already more than 100 people waiting, do you even believe that..?
It was queueing for a rock concert or smth. But those 4+ freezing cold hours were so worth it.

 The exhibition was amazing. 

(If there just wouldn't have been so many people who just went there for the sake of going, wandering around with their stupid audio guides, looking like pathetic robots, and wondering why they couldn't find the Mona Lisa anywhere...)

It was impressive to see some of those well-known paintings in real size, and beeing able to get so close that you could see the brush strokes and beautiful textures, but for me the most interesting works were his unfinished paintings and those wonderful sketchbook pages. They really provided an insight into Da Vinci's genius mind and the way he has been working, in a way no analysing book would be able to.

I would've loved to make a few further sketches, but I only had time to focus on some faces, which I enjoyed studying since Leonardo really was a master of capturing expression as well as the extremes of beauty and ugliness which are recurring subjects.

If you are currently out and about near London and have the chance to go I'd really recommend this exhibition!!
[Edit] I'm sorry...apparently it ended yesterday. ._. Shame on me, I should've written this earlier. But oh it's all said and I'm not gonna delete it. :,D