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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Some more or less random fashion illustration...
Can't really tell much about it.. ._."

Pitt Rivers Museum

Actually it's quite a while ago but...The first Unit of year two started for me.
UNIT 79 - Multidisciplinary Work in Fine Art
I'm still not too sure about the brief but I guess it's gonna be allright.

Also we went on a trip to beautiful Oxford and visited the stunning Pitt Rivers Museum. They display a massive collection of most interesting things from all around the world in there - it really is worth a visit!
Here are some of the drawings I did that day...

Friday, 9 September 2011

Summer Journal Pages

Some mixed media art of the journal I'm keeping at the moment.
I really enjoy going crazy with the pages. :3

heart tattoo

A friend asked me to design a tattoo for her - a heart with a keyhole in the centre and the words 'You're one in a million of too many billions' underneath.
It's my very first go with a tatto and I'm really not too sure about it..:/
Since she wants just a small thing done I drew it in the size of 9x4 cm which is pretty tiny and was quite a challenge. My handwriting sucks especially in such a limited space..u_u
Hope she likes it anyway..

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

tiny self-portrait

Sorry for the long absence....holidays always are so very busy.
But now I'm back on track - College stars again next week and I really need to get my creativity to sprout (but even more important - I'm in urgent need of a desk. Since I moved house in June I don't have one and I just can't work like this!! :/)

So yeah, first of all some more StudioDiamond work.
Theme this month was to produce a tiny self-portrait which can be used as a motif for buttons as well as for our homepage to introduce ourselves and our styles.
It's really interesting to see each others work. The different styles and personalities turned out so very well, I love them all.:)
 So this is my contribution. It was a quick and tiny thing but I really enjoyed it though.:3

 media: copic ciao marker, coloured pen, sepia pen, white gel pen
time: 2 hours