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Anja Uhren is a storyteller - working with images as well as words to deliver narratives.
Born in a small German town near the Island Usedom in 1991 she has moved houses twelve times to date which forced her to quickly adapt to new environments from an early age on and finally resulted in a great passion for traveling and exploring new places and their people.
In 2010 Anja moved to the UK where she studied Illustration at the Arts University at Bournemouth. Currently she still lives and works in Dorset.

On her journeys, big and small, she always carries one or two sketchbooks to record observations and impressions which later inform and inspire her illustration practice and are usually finished works of art in themselves. 

Picture books and graphic novels tend to be Anja’s favoured media for the delivery of her narratives but she also began, more recently, to self-publish extracts of her many sketchbooks in a zine format, which she distributes successfully online and on various conventions and festivals all over the UK alongside other printed material.

While Anja’s main ambitions lay in the field of authorial illustration she has also gained much valuable experience from commissions and collaboration opportunities and is always interested in working with people who share her passion for illustration and art in general.


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