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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Pixie Dust - Prologue pages 1-4

Lined traditionally and added screentones digitaly to the first four pages of the prologue.
It's weird to draw so many far my characters have always been at least teenagers.:/
It's a good practise though and I feel quite relaxed drawing Faylinn. She's a cute girl.
I can relate to her better than expected.

Follow me...!

 media: copic marker, coloured pencils, 
acrylic paints, pastel chalk
size: A4
time: 16 hours

It's finally done!:D Took me ages to colour and is absolutely NOT in the colour palette I planned to use but I quite like it this way as well.
 I'd just love her to look a bit less first I couldn't make her look mysterious at all, she was just a cutie, but know...she looks like a demon or something..D:,
Plus, I failed with the feet...-.-" way to small and strangely shaped...I need more feet-practise.
The head also is to big..argh I keep finding more and more errors!
However, I like it.

Here's the W.I.P. animation.:3
(good fairy turns into evil...ahah ^^")

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Follow me...! - Sketch

Sketch for the Cover of Pixie Dust. :3
I already start to really like the characters.<3

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Wiebke - Portrait

I drew this portrait for the birthday of a friend of mine. I'm not really satisfied and my boyfriend even says he doesn't recognize her at all...haha ^^°
I guess that's mainly because of the 'colours' I chose, actually she's a pretty blue-eyed blondie but since the reference for this drawing was a black-white photograph I decided to use sepia shades. Wrong decision obviously. But otherwise it still has some sort of likeness I guess...ahah :D

Click the image below to see a gif. animation of the drawing process.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Pixie Dust - Sketches

 I sketched the first pages of Pixie Dust today - more to give it a go and get into drawing manga again after I somehow managed to not draw a single page for more than a year...O__O
I can't believe it's been so long... I noticed it during the drawing though...I need loads of practise to get as good(?) as I used to be, but that's what this story would be perfect for basically. :3
After all..I still love drawing mangas so very much. It's such a nice and more complex way to express something, rather than with a single painting only.