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Saturday, 30 April 2011

PRIDE - sketch

This was supposed to be some quick doodle but then I started to work more into it and I guess I'll do a coloured version now as well...let's see.<3

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Greetings from the Sea

Haven't been online the last weeks and now it's time to catch up with a few things.:3
I finally managed to complete the final outcome for the last Unit. We were asked to make a souvenir for a contemporary craft exhibition entitled ‘Wish You Were Here ’. The exhibition focused on the theme of holiday traditions.
It was so...painful. I'm definitely sure now that I'm totally the 2D artist and have to admit beeing quite poor when it comes to 3D stuff. ;_;
However - I survived all the dangerous workshops managing to keep all my ten fingers and the best thing - I'll probably never have to do such things again.<3 Since we got divided into 2D and 3D groups now.:D

Anyway, let's take a last look at this souvenir thingy dedicated to my sweet sister. I actually quite like the result.:)


Materials and techniques I mainly used: Polymer Clay, Resin, Pewter, lots of metal hammering and welding, printmaking and everything I found and thought 'well that's actually quite cool...'

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Ocean Tales

I managed to scan it even today.:3 The scanner at the Uni is absolutely fantastic! Wish I would own it...
I didn't even had to edit it afterwards, just added some more realistic bubbles using these gorgeous brushes in gimp.
I'm quite satisfied with the result, hope some people will like it.:3

16 hours needed in total....need to sleep now.<3

Ocean Tales - W.I.P. -II-

Some more steps of my newest artwork.:) I really enjoy painting such a huge and detailed picture again finally.:D (okay it's only A3 but for me thats huge ^-^)

Octopus...'head' thingy (I know, it's way to small for the huge heads they have..^^°)
Anatomy fail -.-

Defining the tentacles.:D I loved them at first and hated them at the end. haha
Although I've not even painted all eight of them. ._.
The details and folds of the skirt have also been quite time-consuming, and I wasn't really sure if the violet would work, but I quite like it this way.:3

Some details so far.:D
Again, these are just very blurred photographs...
I'll take the finished painting to the Uni tomorrow to scann it there.:3

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Ocean Tales - W.I.P.

Okay I've just realized that I don't like the idea for my newest Studio Diamond contribution anymore. : /
It just popped up in my mind that I want to do something ocean related, and I started straight away without doing any colour- or characterstudies before, what's a bad thing I know.. ._.°
I'm just behind time so badly again, and have to contribute soon.

Some W.I.P. so far~


composition sketch                 sketch                  outlines

                  tracing process onto the primed water colour paper

first wash (I always have to force myself to keep on going and not putting it into the bin at this stage, because it simply looks so...poor xD"


 further washes to get at least the lady in shape :3 Colouring the hair and the skin is always the most exciting part for me. And the costume design of course.<3
(just photographs, so sorry for the bad quality and bleached colours...)

8 hours so far...already...gosh I'm so slow.x.X"
Now I've to finish the erm...octopus or whatever and the background... I'm running out of time!!>.<