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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Greetings from the Sea

Haven't been online the last weeks and now it's time to catch up with a few things.:3
I finally managed to complete the final outcome for the last Unit. We were asked to make a souvenir for a contemporary craft exhibition entitled ‘Wish You Were Here ’. The exhibition focused on the theme of holiday traditions.
It was so...painful. I'm definitely sure now that I'm totally the 2D artist and have to admit beeing quite poor when it comes to 3D stuff. ;_;
However - I survived all the dangerous workshops managing to keep all my ten fingers and the best thing - I'll probably never have to do such things again.<3 Since we got divided into 2D and 3D groups now.:D

Anyway, let's take a last look at this souvenir thingy dedicated to my sweet sister. I actually quite like the result.:)


Materials and techniques I mainly used: Polymer Clay, Resin, Pewter, lots of metal hammering and welding, printmaking and everything I found and thought 'well that's actually quite cool...'

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