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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Commission: ZODIAC Series - sketches and lines

 Someone was crazy enough to commission a series of all twelve zodiac sign paintings.
So I'm very happy to announce that I'll continue what I startet last year. (if some of you still remember..)
Researching them and discovering so many shared traits of friends and family members is so much fun. :3

 Aries - the Ram

Symbol of unrestrained energy, indicative of a love of action for its own sake.

 Thaurus - the Bull

The calm, nature-loving sign associated with music and fertility.


 Gemini - the Twins.

Associated with opposites and duality.
Originally one of them was mortal, the other immortal - reflecting something of the basic nature of all human beings.


 Cancer - the Crab

All armour on the outside, yet soft inside.


 Leo - the Lion

Symbolic of controlled energy, used methodically.


 Virgo - the Virgin the sense of independent woman.

'Symbolic of perfectionism attained through meticulous attention to detail'
..this most certainly is true in my case...:,)


Libra - the Scales

Linked with equilibrium, well-balanced outlook on life, instinct for identifying with one's environment.


 Scorpio - the Scorpion

Associated with death and decay as well as intense sexual energy and passion, although inclined to jealousy.

 Sagittarius - the Archer

'Represents the 'perfect human' - a combination of animal & spiritual power & divine potential.'

paha..I shouldn't let my boyfriend know this.....:,)

 Capricorn - the Goat (-fish)

Duality expressed between the water-loving fish and the mountain goat which spurns the water and longs to climb upwards to the clouds.

 Aquarius - sketch

It's the sign of my beloved sister (and my mum♥). I have though a lot about you while designing him and hope he appeals to you...:D


 Pisces - the Fish

'United Duality' - Sign which unites spirit with soul in a form that encourages artistic activity and sensitivity.

Sketches and lineart done for all of them - now I can finally start to use some colour. :)

Monday, 1 July 2013

New Businesscards

 I have new businesscards!! *-* And I love them very much..(I almost don't want to give them away..)
They're foldable ones and look well pretty.
If you want one just order anything in my DaWanda-Shop and you'll get one for free. You probably need to hurry though, I only made a few and at the Arts Fair last weekend they were flying off the table...

Also a note for my lovely German followers:
Ich werde bald wieder in Deutschland sein - wenn ihr also bis einschließlich Montag nächster Woche etwas in meinem Onlineshop bestellt und bezahlt, kann ich es von dort abschicken, was die Versandkosten drastisch reduziert. :) Überlegt es euch!

Outside and inside design.