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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Commission: Nocturnal Bath & Reading Time

These are a couple of commissions I did for Prinzessin-Zelda. The first one shows her OC Minka with her alter ego and the second one pictures her OC Dragon.
They've been a pleasure to paint and I wholly enjoyed the process of creating them. Here is a bit of w.i.p. for everyone interested. Enjoy.


 fully covered the paper with water, than added some splashes of colour and salt here and there to create an atmosphere and overall colour scheme

fleshing out the characters, creating depth and contrast

elaborating the background, adding final touches

VoilĂ , done!

(I'm actually took me way too long again, I really need to get faster...^^')

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Cemetery Junction

I spent some time sketching at the cemetery today. You meet some weird characters if you stay there for too long but the weather was lovely and provided just the right contrast.