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Monday, 28 March 2011

Studio Diamond

Together with seven other German Artists I'm in a small Group called 'Studio Diamond'. We're only active since a couple of month but our plan is to sell some prints, poster, bookmarks, postcards, etc. with our artworks in the near future. Therefore we decide on a certain theme every two month, to which each of us has to create an illustration.
The theme for this month is 'fairy tale', deadline is this Friday...ahah :,D
I know I'm starting way to late again but anyway~ The picture is in my head since quite a while. I just have to bring it down onto paper.<3

Here are some colour studies for the characters I did today.:3

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Life Drawing

Yesterday I attended a Costume life drawing session in the University.:)
We don't have life drawing on a regular basis in my college course this semester, what's a shame really...I absolutely loved it last semester...
Anyway, the session yesterday was quite different from the sessions we used to have (despite the fact that the model wasn't nacked). There were loads of degree students that were much more practised and everything took place way faster and more complicated then usually. I really struggled to get the poses right in just 30 seconds and the first drawings I did are all rubbish.haha :D But it was a very good exercise and we did some 5 and even 10 minute poses as well in the end.:3
Here are some results.

And this are some drawings of the sessions last year. I really would like to get startet with proper colour paintings.*__* Hopefully next semester.

Thursday, 24 March 2011


About two years ago the German metal band VINDER asked me to illustrate a comic for their new concept album VERTIGO that contains the most important parts of the lyrics.
Now the album finally got released - some great heavy metal tracks which tell the enthralling, gloomy story of Vincent O'Leary, in combination with my artwork, so go and buy the CD people!:]
I really liked the tracks in the end even if I'm not that much in that kind of music usualy. The story is quit...weird at some points and I really have to point out that I'm ONLY responsible for the drawings.xD

I know that there are some bad mistakes relating perspective and proportion and even colour...^^° but I was 17 at that time so don't be too harsh please.:3 I really gave my best and put all my heart in it.<3

These are just a few of the pages. If you're interested in the whole comic buy the album!:P
Alternatively you can just follow this Link.:D

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Swanage Trip

Today I went together with some friends from my course to Swanage, the hometown of Thomas the Tank Engine.:D Unfortunately we didn't met him at the trainstation..:(
It's very romantic down there and we did loads of landscape and people drawings. Actually they quite ended up beeing speed-drawings, since the tourists moved very quickly and you sometimes just had a couple of seconds to get their expression right....that was quite tricky and I really need much more exercise in it -.- looking forward to the summer.:)
All of the drawings are in postcard size, since the theme of our next Unit is 'Souvenirs'.

My boyfriend who was the onliest
non-art student became quite bored
and decided to draw me as well....
quite nice isn't it? :D

visual mind map for 'Souvenirs'

The immaterial souvenirs are often the liveliest I guess. Nothing brings you more effective to a place of the past than a certain melody, a special smell or the feeling of the sand and the fabric of your favourite dress on your skin. The pictures framed in your heart are the most important souvenirs you can collect.:)

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Russell-Cotes Museum

working with a sepia pen and some cold coffee

Last week I went to the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum in Bournemouth to get inspiration for the next Unit. I really enjoyed the trip and made lots of drawings, they have some amazing and very inspiring pieces there.<3

Stamp Edition - Sleepless

I've just finished the last Unit at College and thought about using the final outcome as a starting point for my own ArtBlog - an undertaking I have in mind since quite a long time now.
The brief was to create an edition of six stamps related to the theme 'sleepless'.
Here you can see my own interpretation of a sleepless night.:)

 I tell you it was such a hard fight to cut these took ages!x.x But I quite like them and would love to have them as proper stamps.:3

The little booklet I've made to present the edition, explains together with the little poem my thoughts about the activities of a sleepless night quite well I believe.

inside of the booklet

booklet cover

W.I.P of the single designs:



coloured and colaged cards :3