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Thursday, 24 March 2011


About two years ago the German metal band VINDER asked me to illustrate a comic for their new concept album VERTIGO that contains the most important parts of the lyrics.
Now the album finally got released - some great heavy metal tracks which tell the enthralling, gloomy story of Vincent O'Leary, in combination with my artwork, so go and buy the CD people!:]
I really liked the tracks in the end even if I'm not that much in that kind of music usualy. The story is quit...weird at some points and I really have to point out that I'm ONLY responsible for the drawings.xD

I know that there are some bad mistakes relating perspective and proportion and even colour...^^° but I was 17 at that time so don't be too harsh please.:3 I really gave my best and put all my heart in it.<3

These are just a few of the pages. If you're interested in the whole comic buy the album!:P
Alternatively you can just follow this Link.:D

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