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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Swanage Trip

Today I went together with some friends from my course to Swanage, the hometown of Thomas the Tank Engine.:D Unfortunately we didn't met him at the trainstation..:(
It's very romantic down there and we did loads of landscape and people drawings. Actually they quite ended up beeing speed-drawings, since the tourists moved very quickly and you sometimes just had a couple of seconds to get their expression right....that was quite tricky and I really need much more exercise in it -.- looking forward to the summer.:)
All of the drawings are in postcard size, since the theme of our next Unit is 'Souvenirs'.

My boyfriend who was the onliest
non-art student became quite bored
and decided to draw me as well....
quite nice isn't it? :D

visual mind map for 'Souvenirs'

The immaterial souvenirs are often the liveliest I guess. Nothing brings you more effective to a place of the past than a certain melody, a special smell or the feeling of the sand and the fabric of your favourite dress on your skin. The pictures framed in your heart are the most important souvenirs you can collect.:)

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