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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Life Drawing

Yesterday I attended a Costume life drawing session in the University.:)
We don't have life drawing on a regular basis in my college course this semester, what's a shame really...I absolutely loved it last semester...
Anyway, the session yesterday was quite different from the sessions we used to have (despite the fact that the model wasn't nacked). There were loads of degree students that were much more practised and everything took place way faster and more complicated then usually. I really struggled to get the poses right in just 30 seconds and the first drawings I did are all rubbish.haha :D But it was a very good exercise and we did some 5 and even 10 minute poses as well in the end.:3
Here are some results.

And this are some drawings of the sessions last year. I really would like to get startet with proper colour paintings.*__* Hopefully next semester.

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