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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

a VS b

for a couple of months I've now been working on some illustrations for a novel that is soon to be published.
More information on this very soon - for now I'd like to ask for some advice.
These are the two potential covermotifs but only one of them will be used for the printed edition so I'd like to know which of them would rather grab your attention in a bookstore (and 'why' maybe).
Any answers are highly appreciated. :)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Auburn Sensation

A little something for a special someone.
Happy Birthday, dear!

The media I used were mainly acrylics which are great to achieve those beautiful textures I'm obsessed with lately. I also used a reddish-brown non-waterproof fineliner as well as a white gelpen.
Here's some work in progress.


Friday, 15 February 2013

The Beauty in Decay

Hello everyone. :)
We've been given a new long-term project for University. It's to do with recording our lives and the things that excite us so basically doing lots of observational drawings. We also should consider the way we display all these drawings.
Since I'm mostly interested in capturing the beauty of decay in my works it was an obvious choice to pick an old book from a charity shop to work in instead of a brandnew, perfectly bound sketchbook without character. These old books really do have a lot of character and stories to tell - just as the things I like to observe with my drawings so I guess it's a suitable display. :)
Anyway, I splattered some paint all over the pages to cover up some of the images and texts in there and to create some very interesting pattern and textures as well as different colour schemes - for every drawing I do in there now I'll be able to pick the perfect background. I did use acrylics for this in combination with coffee and salt - my all time favourites. It definitely was a lot of fun and I'm very much looking forward to filling all those pages with drawings of strange things.


The first thing I put in there yesterday was a bunch of flowers. Actually I wanted to paint them some weeks ago when I got them but I never got down to do it... Fortunately though, because they've only gotten prettier with time and fit the theme of my book much better now so it was pure joy for me to draw them. ♥



It's for all the lovers out there who's love might not be in full bloom today but who patiently hold on to it because they know some day it will bloom again.
I hope you had a lovely St. Valentine's Day.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Album Cover Art - 'Our Slight Indulgence'

Hi folks! :)
Last year I've been commissioned to create some designs for an album cover plus its case.
It's finally available and I'm really happy with the completed end-product.
You can listen to all the songs, download them or even buy the album here.
It's the debut album of a young German band with a lot of talent and soul - I can only encourage you to show them some support. :)
My two copies arrived today and I'm going to share some photographs and some more of the artwork with you. Enjoy.


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Dear Sister

I want to appologize - I'm having a hard time keeping my blog up to date lately. :(
There are so many projects I'm working on currently that I completely lost track.

Anyway, this is a little something for my dear sister whos birthday was a couple of days ago. :)
I really miss talking to her in person, so drawing this really made me quite sad...but hey, it's not too long until summer, is it? :>
I used copic marker again which I didn't draw with for ages, therefore it's a lot brigther and much more colourful than my usual works are lately. More positive. Still the sadest work I've created in a long time.

I'll share some bigger projects soon. :)