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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Ocean Tales - W.I.P. -II-

Some more steps of my newest artwork.:) I really enjoy painting such a huge and detailed picture again finally.:D (okay it's only A3 but for me thats huge ^-^)

Octopus...'head' thingy (I know, it's way to small for the huge heads they have..^^°)
Anatomy fail -.-

Defining the tentacles.:D I loved them at first and hated them at the end. haha
Although I've not even painted all eight of them. ._.
The details and folds of the skirt have also been quite time-consuming, and I wasn't really sure if the violet would work, but I quite like it this way.:3

Some details so far.:D
Again, these are just very blurred photographs...
I'll take the finished painting to the Uni tomorrow to scann it there.:3

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