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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Walk through Space

Finished the final traditional paper-cut animation with the aid of the mister Moon paper doll and this space set-up I made. It took quite a while and more complex timing than I first thought to create a fluent, steady movement without making the eyes dizzy. It's nothing spectacular, but still...he walks through space!c:

 For now I'm done with animation..definitely stick with Illustration. And hey, I got accepted on that Illustration degree course, so I'm gonna be a proper student from September on.c: Really looking forward to it.
Next up - the Final Major Project!♥


  1. Ahho *Q*
    Ich will auch eine Spiegelreflex camera! :D
    seit wann hast du eine? :)

    1. Ich h├Ątte auch gern leider nicht meine, hab ich nur von der Uni ausgeliehen.:)