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Friday, 10 February 2012

Concertina Book

Once upon a time handsome Mr Moon fell in love with beautiful Mrs Sun.
He kept staring at her but she only had eyes for the earth.
Every so often their ways were about to cross...
While Mr Moon was getting closer he got so excited that he would hold his breath, getting bigger and bigger.
But Mrs Sun never noticed him...

But then...after years of waiting, Mr Moon finally got the chance to overshadow the earth and directly face Mrs Sun. 
He was so BIG by then that she simply had to look at him.
And she did.
And constantly fell in love with him.
But before anything could have been said they were driven apart again. 
And it was to take a very long time until they were to be that close to each other again.

Sometimes we can see their tear drops falling from the sky.

 We had a one day workshop where we learned to create and fill a concertina book. This has been a few weeks ago already, when I just finished the Sun and Moon illustration, therefore I stuck to that theme and came up with a proper lovestory for them.
A week after that we had a photoshop workshop where we should create a new piece of work made out of different pieces taken from the book. This is what I came up with. They said it had architectural value...well I've never seen buildings like this.

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