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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

New Project

The new Unit is about collaborative working in Art&Design so for the very first time we're working in little groups on a project. Also we have a client this time - the stylish 'Love from Hetty and Dave' shop and studio which is a cornucopia of original designs, vintage clothing, jewellery and collectables. We're asked to produce a piece for their Christmas exhibition during December. The Assignment is 'The Snow Fairy' and my group is thinking about making a wintery music box. Something like this but with more drawers that uncover surprises and a snow fairy replacing the ballerina obviously.

I'd love to use pretty wood like this...
We went to Pokesdown yesterday to visit our client/inspect the shop and exhibition space/ask questions/took photographs/made sketches/... all that kind of 'excessively professional' stuff.;) And since this area is popular for its lovely charity, antique and second hand shops we went in some of them afterwards to look for parts we could use for our music box (or elsewhere). It was great fun, fortunately all three of us are great lovers of such stores, I love these guys. :3
Plus we found amazing treasures (of course).

isn't she simply adorable?
those old metal things are great embellishment
lovely tiny boxes because you can't have
enough of them and such a charming little book

loads of new clock parts for my collection

a really pretty fabric we probably  gonna use
to cover the inside of the box
I can't wait to see where this project will take us. Usually I prefer working on creative projects on my own but this group feels really comfortable for me. I think we're a good team.<3

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