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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The book that travels all around the world

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to introduce a very special project to you. This beautiful journal arrived in my mailbox last week - it's a world-travel-book which visited a few people before arriving here and will travel to even more distant places hereafter. On the map inside its cover you can see where it stopped already and the goal is to have marks in as many countries as possible in the end.

This idea has been around for a while and I'm sure some of you have heard of the '1,000 Journals Project', of which I've always been a big fan. Within the community of deviantART though this is the first project of its kind as far as I'm concerned and I'm amazed how many people already signed up to be part of it. At the moment there are two books travelling and a third one is already in progress.
Yes, you can be part of it as well! If you have a deviantART account that is.
Simply follow this link to get to the group and contact the organiser: World-Travel-Book

Now I'm going to show you what I made out of the 4 pages I was allowed to fill. :)


And here are some photographs of the making of these.


 May this book be guided by good spirits throughout its journey to distant places - taking our work and hearts with it. ♥ 

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