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Saturday, 12 April 2014

'Spectrum Artworks' - Artbook Contribution

 Hello everyone!
Yet again I haven't been posting anything for such a long time...but that was mainly due to the projects I was working on - I simply wasn't able/allowed to share any of them for a while.
But finally here's an update. :)
In the second half of last year I was honoured to take part in a German artbook project called 'Spectrum Artworks'. 17 German artists came together to create 2 pieces each that were all put together in a beautiful book. We agreed on two themes which were 'elements' and 'fantasy' and every work was supposed to include a butterfly in one way or another.
Here are some photographs of the finished book:


And these are the pieces I created:

'Carousel Flight'


'Wurzeln Schlagen'

There are A4 Limited edition prints and A3 poster of both motivs available.
If you're interested simply visit my Etsy or DaWanda shop.

Take care! :)


  1. Hallo Anja! Ha I tried to write this comment in German first but I've lost nearly all my vocabulary ever since moving out of Berlin - oops. Anyway, I wanted to say that I discovered your work through deviantart and I am a MASSIVE fan. The images you create are inspirational, dream-provoking and wonderfully executed. I will definitely be watching you. How do you find the school at Bournemouth, by the way? I am moving to the UK next year and I am curious/anxious about the teaching system.

    1. Hi Heleen! :)
      Thank you so much for those sweet words. I'm glad you stumbled across my work and decided to like it that much. It means a lot!
      After living and studying in Bournemouth for almost 4 years now I have to admit I'm in love with it. Talking to some friends that study illustration in Germany made it clear to me just how very diferent the teaching systems are and I'm very glad I didn't decide to stay in my homeland in this regard. The approach seems to be much more practice-oriented over here, only very rarely do we have lectures but instead plenty of workshops where we learn a variety of skills by simply doing them. The whole learning experience is very much self-driven with an immense focus on self-realisation which is so vital when you're planning on becoming an artist. Having said that I can only talk about creative University courses (my boyfriend studies music and it's pretty much the same there). When it comes to more academic subject areas it'll probably be much more lecture based.
      I hope this helps a little, good luck with everything! :)

  2. Das Bild "Wurzeln Schlagen" ist so schön. (* A *) Obgleich die Dame mit dem Karussellkleid auch eine sehr schöne Designidee ist.
    Dieses Animationsprojekt auf deinem facebook sieht übrigens sehr interessant aus. (Ich bin nicht auf facebook, daher kommentiere ich hier) Ich habe auch schon Animationen mit traditionell gemalten Grafiken gemacht, weshalb mit das sofort ins Auge gefallen war. Mit den von dir gezeichneten Figuren wird das Endprodukt sicher sehr schick. Viel Erfolg damit. : 3