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Friday, 6 July 2012

Araveena's Muriel Morgentau

Long time no see..! I'm back in Germany for a few weeks to catch up with friends and family, which is why I rarely find some time for being online or creative. I kinda need a short break as well but at last I managed to finish another commission. I was asked to paint Araveena's OC Muriel Morgentau and it was a pleasure to do so, for she is a very lovely fairy.
I do not own the character, she belongs to Araveena.

Some w.i.p. photographs I took as I went along.

After finishing the pencil lines I applied a coffee wash and worked light washes of colour into it - wet on wet.
I used a clean tissue to dip the colour off certain areas like the skin. You can clearly see the lovely texture the coffee remainder create in combination with salt.

After applying all the washes I had to let them dry. You shouldn't use a hair dryer to speed things up for it will just ruin the textures and patterns. I then was able to apply reddish brown lines and hightlights using a very thin fineliner and white gelpen.
At last I mixed a dark hue with lots of pigment and only little water and applied it overall to create shadow and depth. That's it!

Finally I was able to send it to it's owner alongside the art trade parts. I hope they'll all arrive safely and please their clients.

For more information on commissioning me just follow this link.


  1. Wow, your fairies look a little bit strange but verry nice, I love Arthur Rackham and they remind me of his illustrations.

    1. Thank you for your kind words!
      I adore Rackhams work as well but when it comes to fairies Brian Frouds creations are simply the best in my opinion.
      I do try to find my very own way to paint them though.:)

  2. Beautiful work & thanks for sharing your technique! My technique is quite similar actually, minus the coffee, though I'd like to try it one day. I had pretty neat results with tea though! And white gel pens are amazing for highlights, eh?! :D I also love Rackham & Froud's faeries and find them to be a huge inspiration in my work. ^_^

    - Sasha