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Friday, 10 August 2012

Trick or Treat!

Get the candy out, or let them storm your house!
Hello everyone!
I just realise how I completely neglected blogging during the last month and I feel honestly sorry about that...
I've just come back from my summer vacation in Germany now and am eager to start all the exciting projects I'm planning to do since quite a while already. A break was kind of needed but it feels so good to be drawing and painting again.
For the start I'm gonna introduce a bunch of new characters to you. I'm working on a new children's book and guess what it will be all about..? :)
It's the first time for me to work with an author and I absolutely enjoy it so far and am really excited about how this collaboration will come out.
So yeah, enough talking. Have a look at the sketches now.:) 
It's all quite rough but should give you quite a good impression of what I have in mind..


You'll be seeing more of them soon! 
(And more regularly from now on again..)


  1. Wow! I've admired your art for very long, and this is just so wonderful!
    Seeing all the sketches is lovely too, they're beautiful!

    1. Glad to read that you take so much pleasure in them. Thank you very much!