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Monday, 20 August 2012


Some Illustration I finished today... I really dislike those colours, they were alright at one point but then completely got out of hand. Also the scanner made it even more pink than it really is, the photographs are slightly more authentic (but blurry), ah it's just not my day today.
Anyway, I decided to ruffle it off so if  you'd like to win this by any chance, simply stop by at my facebook page. Good luck!
Going to catch some sun now. :)


  1. YOur art is so awesome girl!!!! I have a technical question, how can you ink before painting it with watercolours? do you ink with a normal pen?
    Anyway, congratulations on your art, it's awesome, I already follow you in deviantart too! keep doing it so well!!

    1. Thank you very much for those lovely words! Much appreciated.:)
      I use a brown Pilot pen which isn't water proof because I really like the effekt of the lines bleeding into the washes I apply afterwards. It's a bit tricky though to not use too much water and completely destroy the lineart, but once you got the hang of it it really adds softness to the overall piece.
      Hope that was helpful! :)