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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Dragonfly Businesscards

Hello everybody!

Today I decided to finally create a new design for my businesscards. I was planning on doing this for so long and it feels so good to finally actually have done it. Also I'm really satisfied and think they represent my art quite well. Oh I love dragonflys, aren't they just the prettiest creatures out there?
A tattoo like that would actually be really cool I think...(not that I'd be brave enough to get one..)

So yeah, I'm just waiting for the prints to arrive and can't wait to see how they come out.
If you want one, simply commission me. :3

Anyway, here's some work in progress for you.

thumbnail sketches and pencil drawings
 Applying some colours, oh I just love to work messy like this, it's so liberating even though it looks really bad..:,D
The lineart really safe everything and keeps it together. It's kind of magical, to see how everything falls into the right place piece by piece and just...makes sense.


  1. Uii, wunderschöne Illus *__________*
    Ich hätte aber vielleicht die Kontaktdaten etwas höher und näher zum Namen und Titel hin gemacht. So wirds etwas erdrück wegn der langen Zeile und dem Rahmen.

    1. Danke für den Hinweis!:)
      Da geb ich dir wirklich Recht. Mal sehen, was sich da noch ändern lässt..

  2. did you use salt? for make that texture?

    1. yes I did. It's one of my favourite tools actually.:)