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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

'Zarin der Vampire'


Hello everyone!

As some of you might have noticed I've been working on some illustrations for a novel earlier this year. 
'Zarin der Vampire' ('Tsarina of the Vampires'
is finally available in print now and my copy arrived yesterday. :)
I am very satisfied with how the images look in print and the novel itself is great!
The print edition contains part I and II of the series which is a tasteful combination of vampire novel, murder mystery and historical fiction surrounding the assassination of the Tsar’s family in 1918. For more information about the book visit [amazon].
It's only available in German for now but an English translation is planned for the end of this year.

I am allowed to share the illustrations I've created so here you go.

Part I

limited colour versions for the e-books

black and white versions for the printed book

Part II 

 limited colour versions for the e-books

   black and white versions for the printed book

 Here is some work in progress of all the illustrations.



And some more photographs of them printed in the book.


text and characters © Tatana Fedorovna | images © Anja Uhren


  1. Ich erinnere mich an den Post. Sieht gut aus. Die farbigen Versionen gefallen mir besser. Warum wurden die den nicht auch für die Druckversion übernommen, wenn man fragen darf? (._.)

    1. Vielen Dank! :)
      Ja, mir gefalen sie auch viel besser..aber da wäre der Druck wohl leider zu teuer geworden. v_v

    2. Irgendwas lief schief da oben...
      Ich wollte sagen, dass der künstlerische Wert deiner Illustrationen durch den nur Schwarzweiß-Druck im Buch zum Glück nicht geschmälert wird, so.