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Sunday, 6 November 2011

snow fairy design

My task in our group is to illustrate the poem we were supposed to integrate in our exhibition piece.
I'm going to create a little book and did some character designs for the performing snow fairy today.

These are the first ones I came up with,
inspired by those things below.

I liked the skirt of the third one since I thought it could look like an actual snowflake when falling from the sky. So I did some further designs inspired by those cut out paper snowflakes we all used to create in preschool I guess.

This is how I imagine them falling from the sky.
Quite lovely aren't they?

This is how our box is supposed to look like by the way. I'm absolutely not involved in constructing it - I'm so crappy with wood working... I hope the others will do a great job. The book I'm creating will be reproduced and put in the drawer, so the customer can experience the box and everything within it and then take the book home as a souvenier.

I'm going to write and sketch the storyboard next.

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