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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Snow Fairy

Finally this project is completed. Click on the image above to see the flash file of the finished book in fullsize and you can navigate through the pages with your right/left key or by clicking on the snowflakes in the corners. (Give it a minute to load since the file is quite big...)
It differs quite a lot from the actual printed books since I had a few problems with the integration of the text in this flash the images are really pixelated for some reason. The text contained in the printed versions will be outlined what makes it a lot easier to read.

The box also got completed in time. Does it not simply look wonderful? I think Becca did a brilliant job with creating the box very close to what we planned it to look like. She had to change the compartments within the last week though due to some problems we had with the musical movement, so it doesn't look exactly like the box appearing in the book what is a bit sad. It was quite important to us that the book and box really connect with and integrate each other, so that the customers in the shop can be able to look through the box and its contents, touch and experience it and take a copy of the book home as a souvenir from this experience. Therefore it would have been good if the recognition value would be as high as possible. But I think even now you still can recognize that it is this box the girl in the book is interacting with.


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