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Monday, 21 November 2011

Snow Fairy - W.I.P. III

Alright, I've been drawing all weekend long and can happily announce that I'm half way done with colouring those book pages. I've learned a lot more about working with water colour and just quickly want to show the way I've been working.

Masking is a very important part when it comes to water colour since the purest white you can get is the white of the paper and you need to keep that on some places if you want nice glow and light effects. I've used masking tape often before but for the first time I had a go with masking fluid which is absolutely great! It allows you to accurately mask the areas and details you want to keep white e.g. the house and fairies in this painting. Then you can build up the washes for the background without having to pay attention to those areas which gives the whole painting a much softer flow and you can avoid sharp edges.

Once the colour is dry you can very easily remove the film and start building up your washes in those areas you kept clean. Use a putty eraser to get rid of all bits - it's very easy to remove.

Here are a few of the finished spreads....even with the aid of masking fluid those fairies proved to be really tricky.

So that's two days left for the rest of these drawings. The music box is nearly done - needs to be stained and polished to make the wood darker. There just seem to be some problems regarding the musical movement....I had some doubts about making our own from the beginning, hopefully he'll figure  something out.

By the way, I won the third place in this halloween competition.:3 I'm really pleased.

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