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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Snow Fairy - W.I.P.

Finally got to do the character design for little Janet who will also be part of the snow-fairy project. Somehow I'm in love with ginger children lately...they just look so innocent and lovely..:3
Very first attempt at using water colours......failed. ugh, I applied them like acrylics or something...really need to get familar with their features...:/

Plus I managed to do a proper storyboard in the end, according to which the final book will contain 32 pages and I've got just about 2 weeks to finish those...
It's pinned above my desk so it always reminds me that I'm not allowed to socialise for the next 14 days...

I will mainly use water colour with which I haven't had much experience so far..but it's one of the fastest colouring ways and suits the wintery theme very well. I experimented with salt to create those interesting cristal pattern.

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