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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Snow Fairy - W.I.P. II

After a few more rubbish not so good attempts I would say this is the first time I produced a fairly good result with soft water colour washes...:) still needs improvement but I'm quite pleased. Memo to myself: alsways use a hundred times more water than's not called water colour without reason.
Anyway, this is the final design of our fairy now. Lovely thing isn't she? Becca is going to make a clay version of her for our music box, can't wait to see that.
She's probably the only fairy without any wings...well, she allegorises a snowflake, falls from the sky and dissolves again through melting - what would she need wings for?

I also sketched all the 34 pages. Need to get started with the colouring now, we have to have the printversion next Friday..:/ I'm a bit scared to be honest, still not very confident..

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